NCEA's services provide organizations with a plethora of positive incomes, including increased productivity, crime foreseeability, comprehension of cultural humility, prevention of harassment and violence, bystander engagement, and gender equity. The salient solutions and strategies NCEA provides result in healthier, safer, and more inclusive workplaces. Services offered include, but are not limited to:

Gender Equity and LGBTQ Inclusion

Auditing, diagnoses, and training services provide organizations with policies to improve gender equity and LGBTQ inclusion.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching services improve and maximize the effectiveness of established organizational efforts and strategic designs.


Restorative Justice Coaching

Employee and management coaching for both victims and perpetrators of harassment and/or other misconduct issues, conducted in a trauma-informed/restorative justice model.

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Strategic Planning Sessions

The designing, preparing, and facilitating of strategic planning sessions.

Cultural Competency

Increase communication and culturally-competent, trauma-informed practices with a combination of coaching and training services.

Conflict Resolution

Organization-wide conflict resolution and mediation.

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NCEA's extensive experience in advising and writing policy design, queer competency training, and consulting of public and private schools, healthcare systems, and agencies aids in increasing inclusivity and decreasing liability.


Our staff includes certified K-12 educators, trainers in PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act), founding sexual violence prevention program managers, and prevention educators who help schools, organizations, and agencies to improve their educational efforts.

Eliminate Violations

Identify and advise on current and potential violations surrounding gender equity, violence prevention education/policies, and LGBTQ inclusion.

Stay Informed

Conduct training, executive reports, and coaching for staff and managers.

Improve the Environment

Provide cultural sensitivity coaching for managers and staff to transform the organization into a diverse and inclusive environment.

Manage the Change

Provide education, consulting, and advising to create an environment that is inclusive of transgender students, staff, and clients. This includes addressing common misconceptions about bathroom/locker room use and the transition process.

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Prevention education under Title IX and the Clery Act has evolved and exponentially expanded since 2011 and the White House’s “Dear Colleague Letter.”

In the past few years, the Office of Civil Rights has continued to audit and examine educational efforts, curriculum design, and due process around Title IX cases.

Similarly, education around PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) is under continuous scrutiny within the Department of Justice systems and agencies.

Both PREA and Title IX intersect with the topic of inclusion concerning LGBTQ employees, students, and clients.