Toward A Trauma-Informed Faith

A Summit for Creating Survivor Inclusive Faith Communities

April 25th  20222


Calling all faith leaders- let's talk about trauma.

In a world that continues to grow in its understanding of the systemic trauma, we and our communities face, creating awareness is not enough. We must hold space for unpacking, processing, and strategizing the best ways to prevent and respond to trauma- historical and present.

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Summit Schedule

April 25th


  • Understanding trauma and trauma-informed care in faith settings

12-1 pm

   What is trauma, trauma-informed care, intro to understanding the neurology of trauma

   The history of religious trauma and its impact on other forms of trauma, domestic violence, purity culture’s impact, systemic sexual misconduct, religious practice, and tradition as healing modalities

  • Intersectionality in Survivor Experiences & Pastoral Care

1-2 pm

  Bias around survivor experiences, the myth of false reporting, supporting LGBTQ survivors

   Recommended resources, compassion fatigue, long-term pastoral care, networking, and referral building


Restorative options for responding to misconduct

2-3 pm

   Understanding restorative justice practices, applications in faith settings and through litigation, atonement & lamentation 

  • Panel Discussion

3-4 pm

  Join us for a closing panel on trauma, faith, and the future


Each day session will include exercises, small & large group discussions, and the opportunity to schedule a private consultation or sign up for the certification program.


Dr. Laura McGuire is a scholar, survivor, and seminarian. They bring their interfaith background and expertise as trauma-informed sexologist and restorative justice practitioner to the summit. You can learn more about them and their book, Creating Cultures of Consent, at