Full-Spectrum Doula FAQs

What is a full-spectrum doula training? Who is it for?


Doulas are non-medical birth professions who navigate numerous spaces to promote healing, education, and advocacy for pregnant people. They can work in schools, community center, clinics, and non-profits helping people navigate healthcare systems and educating to make sure their clients make informed decisions that are best for them. 



What does it cover?


This is a full spectrum doula certification course that covers many topics that are untouched by mainstream doula certification programs and while help in serving marginalized populations. This includes working with birth, miscarriage, and abortion care. Serving the LGBTQ community and cultural humility in reproductive care. Participants will leave able to begin a practice that offers education, support, and holistic wellness to numerous communities.


This course covers:


Holistic approaches to reproductive care

Queer competency in birth support

Cultural humility and health disparities

Trauma-informed reproductive care

Yoga and dance for pregnancy and birth

Educating clients on their options

Supporting clients through birth, miscarriage, and abortion 

Options to start your doula practice



What is included?

Our trainings are two on-site days where we cover all of the above topics and are able to have group discussions and exercises to enhance the learning experience.

Included in the cost are all of your reading materials, the two days of training, as well as five free coaching hours to use throughout your first year. 

Our certifications are the most comprehensive and cost-effective on the market today. There are NO re-certification fees or hidden costs after like our competitors.


How do I learn more?

We have trainings offered across the world throughout the year. You can find all of our upcoming trainings on our Facebook Page.


You can also bring our training to your area for FREE. To learn more contact us below or call 386-872-0112.