Trauma-Informed Yoga FAQs
"This workshop was so informative. I feel it could expand into a week-long workshop. So wonderful!"
~ Betty
"Dr. Laura was fantastic, extremely kind and understanding. I feel I have learned so much..." ~ Julie
"Anyone who works with survivors needs to take this course." ~ Skyler

What is a trauma-informed yoga training? Who is it for?


With all of the systemic trauma in the world today how to we assure that our yoga practice is trauma-informed? Yoga is a powerful tool for healing but without intent and awareness can be triggering to survivors and can unintentionally create spaces that feel unsafe.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to bring breath and movement into their work with victims or traumatized populations. We do recommend at least one year of yogic practice before taking this certification but you do not need to be a registered yoga instructor already. Practitioners can work in numerous complementary field as teachers, victim advocates, social workers, therapists, and pastors to benefit from this course.


In this course, we will explore what trauma-informed yoga is, how to share a trauma-informed class with the public, and working with survivors in ways that do not re-traumatize. Dr. Laura McGuire has taught yoga for over 13 years and is a subject matter expert in trauma-informed care.



What does it cover?


This course covers:


The neuropsychology of trauma 

Yoga for trauma

Supporting traumatized clients/communities

Identifying triggers 

Knowing your role/referrals

The business of trauma-informed yoga



What is included?

Our trainings are two on-site days where we cover all of the above topics and are able to have group discussions and exercises to enhance the learning experience.

Included in the cost are all of your reading materials, the two days of training, as well as five free coaching hours to use throughout your first year. 

Our certifications are the most comprehensive and cost-effective on the market today. There are NO re-certification fees or hidden costs after like our competitors.

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How do I learn more?

We have trainings offered across the world throughout the year. You can find all of our upcoming trainings on our Facebook Page.


You can also bring our training to your area for FREE. To learn more contact us below or call 386-872-0112.