"When you’re ready to change the world, we’re ready to make it happen."

- Dr. Laura McGuire


The National Center for Equity and Agency is the only consulting firm of its kind. We are a collective of subject matter experts who specialize in addressing the topics of sexual misconduct and diversity and inclusion. From training, to speakers, certifications, software, data collection, consulting, and coaching we deliver the answers to some of the toughest questions facing our world today.

What’s YOUR Why?


Whether you want to find out what is missing, plant a seed of change, or develop a holistic approach to being the change you wish to see, you must first identify your WHY. For some it is transforming company culture, for others increasing safety, and for some it is gaining the skills to become a community leader. Once we help you clarify what drives you in setting these goals and objectives we can customize an action plan for reaching them.

Why Us?


We are the only consulting firm in the nation to be fully focused on sexual misconduct -from Title IX, to consent, sexual harassment, to domestic violence, restorative practices for offenders, trauma-informed care and child abuse prevention- and diversity and inclusion; including but not limited to unconscious bias, cultural humility, neurodiversity, LGBTQ competencies, micro-aggressions, and decolonization).


We are also the only firm to be comprised of graduate-level social scientists. This means that we offer a unique perspective that is research-informed and goes far beyond simple compliance and liability. We are also passionate about giving back and donate to local non-profits in every community we visit.

Why Now?


As the world ever evolves in conversations raised by movements like #MeToo and systemic inequality a fresh and actionable approach is required. No more band-aids on the wounds of our society, that only cover up and never heal the problems we face today. By focusing on prevention and response we work alongside the organizations and individuals that are ready to get to the roots of these problems and create powerful conversations that are engaging, actionable, and transform their world.

This is the best CEU course I’ve ever taken!

~ Jacob N. 

I learned a lot from the group discussion and activities

The course gave usable tips for being more affirmative in my practice, very informative.”

~ George Z.

~ Priyank M.