Equity and Prevention


NCEA begins any project by providing environmental scanning and auditing services to identify existing and potential related violations. We then offer advisory services, staff training, and executive coaching programs to course correct and prevent future offenses. Through NCEA's services, your organization’s culture will be transformed into a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment for all.

Here's What People Say About the Founder

"In an environment where many students and staff are not comfortable discussing sexual violence, it’s difficult to stir conversation and effect change. The variety of platforms and activities Dr. McGuire has helped to get off the ground I believe have played a significant role in creating a foundation for curious onlookers and jaded activists alike to feel empowered and capable of doing hard work."

— Suzanna Sheldon,


Non-Residential Services Program Assistant Houston Area Women’s Center

"As a certified sexologist and veteran sexual violence prevention professional, Dr. McGuire is a highly knowledgeable and skilled in her field of work. Her consulting, writing, and prevention services would be beneficial to any individual, couple, group, or organization."

- Megan Smith, Editor-in-Chief, 

Spectrum South (spectrumsouth.com)

"Dr. McGuire gave a wonderfully interactive workshop. The students loved her.  Dr. McGuire is a knowledgeable and engaging public speaker who has the ability to connect with a diverse group of audiences. I also found she was excited to collaborate and generous about sharing her knowledge about gender, sexuality, and sex education.

— Sarah Luna,

Visiting Assistant Professor Davidson College