The National Center for

Equity & Agency

Our Mission

The National Center for Equity and Agency provides consulting, education, and expertise to increase individual agency and social equity. We work side-by-side with agencies, companies, and institutions to increase retention, safety, and inclusion while decreasing liability and marginalization. We believe that change starts with self-awareness through educational empowerment and that equity births equality. When you are ready to change the world, we are ready to make it happen.

What Makes Us Different?



What does it mean to be research-informed? It means that we take our experience and expertise as researchers and social scientists and bring it to every conversation we facilitate. We never make claims that we can’t cite research on and all of our approaches comes from deep data analysis and the best practices formed from those findings. Most organizations tell you what they think is true or best but don’t have peer-reviewed information to back it up. We know that this has to be different if we want better results.


Giving Back


You can’t talk the message of changing the world if you aren’t willing to walk the walk of using your resources to give back to that change. Unlike most consulting firms, we don’t just receive the benefits of the communities we visit, we give back to them. Whether a training workshop, a keynote engagement, or webinar we take a portion of all proceeds and give them back to an organization in that community that is also creating change. We are for-profit with a greater purpose.


Engaging & Action Oriented


We know that these topics can be intimidating and even seem abrasive, too many. Too often such sensitive conversations are delivered in ways that may be well-intended but do more harm than good. All of our programs look at these factors and the unique culture of each audience and infuse approachable and engaging methods to make everyone feel that they are included and that there are clear actionable items that they can deliver on. You will never leave one of our educational opportunities feeling “talked at” or talked down to.